If you notice your spouse is sleeping more frequently on a different room, you’re probably making disastrous music while you’re asleep. This music may be keeping you asleep but this kind of music will drive your spouse nuts.

This music you’re making while you’re asleep is called snoring. The musical instrument you play with this kind of music with is your throat muscles. Snoring can ruin your relationship with your spouse. It is a fact that some people in the United States have filed divorce cases on the grounds that their sleeping partner is always snoring.

Not only will snoring ruin your relationship with your sleeping partner, but it can be a sign that your body is malfunctioning. Studies have found that snoring is a sign that you have diabetes, you are obese, and you may also have undiagnosed serious heart condition.

Another complication of snoring is that aside from not letting your sleeping partner sleep soundly, you will also wake up and shift your bed position in order to stop snoring. You may not know it but snoring may wake you up from deep sleep. The human brain needs enough oxygen to function and also to prevent brain damage. Since snoring will obstruct your airway, your brain will go on full alert and wake your body up from deep sleep and make it shift to another sleeping position in order to open the blocked or partially blocked airway. You may not know that you wake up but your sleep-deprived sleeping partner will be a witness to the events that you will always wake up from your sleep and shift sleeping positions.

Snoring will result to lack of sleep, morning headaches, lightheadedness, and also irritability throughout the rest of your day.

These are the reasons why you should take all the necessary steps to stop snoring or at least minimize it. Today, there are various ways on how you can prevent snoring.

However, you have to know what causes snoring first. As mentioned before, snoring is caused by your throat muscles. If the throat muscles are too relax when you are sleeping, or if it is full of fatty tissues, then the throat muscles will obstruct your airways. The air coming in and out of your airway will cause the relaxed muscles to vibrate and will cause the sound that you will call snoring.

Now that you know why people snore, you now have to know how to stop yourself from snoring.

The primary cause of snoring is being overweight or being obese. Fat tissues will build up around your throat and will cause your throat muscle tissues to sag. So, in order to prevent yourself from snoring is to go on a diet. Exercise and tone those throat muscles down.

By losing weight, you will eventually stop snoring or at least minimize it to a level that will be tolerable to your sleeping partner.

Here are other home remedies that you can consider in order for you to free yourself from snoring:

• Stop smoking – Smoking before going to bed causes your throat muscles to relax.
• Stop drinking alcoholic beverages – As with smoking it will also cause your throat muscles to relax.
• Stop eating heavy meals before bedtime – It will also cause your throat muscles to relax.
• Stop taking sedatives – Also relaxes your throat muscles.
• Sleep on your side – Light to moderate snorers will be more silent when sleeping on their side.
• Get rid of large pillows – It’s comfortable but it’s a snore contributor.
• Raise your bed – Elevating your bed from the upper torso will stop snoring. Get an old book and elevate the legs of the head of the bed with it.

These are the simple yet effective home remedies that can free yourself from snoring. By following these simple steps you can be sure that you and your sleeping partner will have a good night sleep and you as well.

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